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642 Things: What can happen in a second

I can’t measure a second now, and I couldn’t measure a second then. Time is elastic, it goes slowly, it goes quickly. It may be our perception, it may be an as of yet unknown law of physics. We aren’t close to explaining it all yet.

Anything can happen in a second. Anything can not happen in a second. Sometimes life seems like destiny, sometimes it seems just random. In less than a second, I can cross the path of the one. In more than a second, we may intersect, in less than a second, we may miss each other.

In a second, I can catch the greatest wave of my life, in a second, I can come crashing down off the board, another wipe out, another day victim of my surfing incompetence. In a second, I can step out in front of a car, in a second, I can pull someone else from the path of a car.

In a second, everything can change, nothing can change. A sentence taking less than a second to be spoken may utterly change your life. He’s dead. He’s made it. We’ve heard from him. Everything is okay. Will you marry me? I think it’s over. I’ve met someone else. The someone else is your best friend.

In a second, everything can change, nothing can change. Would you like this job in the Caribbean? How about Hawaii. How about the freedom never to have to work again? You don’t like that?

From one second to the next, something starts, something ends. That sweater you’ve been knitting for 3 years? Finished. Last stitch pulled through, all in a second.

A second is such a short space of time. So much can happen in one, so little also. If nothing else, we need to take the space to live our time, maybe not always measure it to the nth degree. Feel the time, feel the life passing through our consciousness.

What can happen in a second. I pick up a book and suddenly, I have projects I never knew I wanted.

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  1. David | 12/06/2013 at 6:31 pm | Permalink

    Do you know the Smashing Pumpkins song “17″?

  2. windsandbreezes | 12/06/2013 at 7:12 pm | Permalink

    No. But I’m guessing, from your question, that I should seek it out in the context of this piece.

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